Monday, August 30, 2010

Do we need yet another blog on cloud computing?

Why do we need yet another blog on cloud computing? In this age of information overloading, responsible netizens need to clarify the reason for the creation of another blog.
From mainframes, to minicomputers, to PCs, to data centers employing local and wide area networks, and now to cloud computing, there has been tremendous progress in the computational resources available to mankind. But, there is something unique about cloud computing! In this inexorable march toward cloud computing, what I see is a monotonic increase in cloud computing capabilities for the foreseeable future. That means anyone interested in computing can economically outsource the computing infrastructure to a cloud provider and focus, solely, on creating applications or, of course, use applications created for the cloud. It is this unbridled focus on computing solutions that enables highly differentiated applications. And, differentiation primarily comes about by addressing various segments of the population.

To gain a sense of the large number of applications, note that there are already more than 250,000 applications for the iPhone on Apple's App Store [in the cloud]. 250,000 applications and just on one class of devices. If you consider the browser as a platform, in addition, you will notice that all end user devices connected to the Internet can instantly get at any new application. With the imminent availability of HTML5 in all browsers, we will see substantial increase in the capabilities of browser-based applications.

Once you have an open field in which any of the 6.8 billion of today — See Worldometer Population Counter for the latest estimate — can potentially take part, there is ample opportunity for a rather large number of individuals to proffer their opinions.

Do we need any more justification?


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